Is the cause of the symptoms in this life? Is it karmic or does it come from the family system? Is it taken over for someone?


When difficulties show up in your life, whether caused in this or in previous life, they are usually also associated with a feeling (often fear) or pain, in other words, symptoms. Symptoms are the result of pent-up feelings that lead to energy blockages. If the cause is seen, feelings, beliefs, life attitudes that were developed as a result can change, and the blocked energy starts to flow.

Often, there are several experiences linked to one symptom. Through unconscious, stressful memories, a certain theme is triggered again and again. An example: we wish so much to be loved and experience rejection over and over again. We cannot perceive that we are loved by others, because we only see the rejection. Unconsciously, we keep getting into similar situations because our soul is looking for a solution to the past conflict (law of resonance). The causes are usually hidden, in the sub(un)conscious. If the pieces of the puzzle are revealed, the solution can be found and pent-up energies begin to flow. Through this insight we have the chance to change our reaction to the environment, because we are aware of the trigger. This also changes something in the environment, as we can perceive it differently. More and more space opens up for happiness, health, freedom and self-love.

Depending on the cause of the current situation I have different tools at hand

Am Wichtigsten ist die Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe, da der Weg der Heilung nur im eigenen Inneren beschritten werden kann. Hier hilft transformatives Coaching als geistige Klärungshilfe. Durch meine seherischen Fähigkeiten zeigen sich unterstützend Bilder oder Geschichten, die bei der Auflösung helfen. Oft sind für ein Symptom mehrere Ursachen verantwortlich z.B. ist das frühkindliche Erlebnis dann noch mit einer karmischen Geschichte verknüpft, und erst durch das Erkennen aller Ursachen können sich diese auflösen.

Usually, our appointment takes place by phone or video call.