Tor zur Freiheit

Nicole Schonlau

Healing work is for me like a miracle that manifests each time. A deep transformation takes place and one frees oneself from the grip of the past (of the current life or other, mostly past lives). Everything that manifests in the now is actually the past.

The journey to finding yourself

This journey is exciting, thrilling and wondrous. The gateway? The momentary reality!

How do freedom and being whole relate to each other?

For me, freedom implies that I act out of my self-responsibility and thus out of my inner core that is whole.

How the energetic treatment works

The fact that something is unbalanced usually becomes apparent through a symptom, through illness, pain, an accident, feelings such as fear or melancholy, but also externally through difficulties with a person, at work, in a certain situation ... To find the causes, detective work is needed: ...
Um die Ursachen zu finden, braucht es Detektivarbeit: …


Key to happiness

Find peace at mind and heart

Clear the past, present and future and open up to the full potential of your soul

Step out of your mind chasing memories and overcome trauma

Connect with your true guidance

Free yourself of any kind of judgement and preconditioned perception


Reconnections to eternal essence

If we live our soul plan, then we are deeply connected to the heart, to our higher self and to the human family.

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