One of my ways of working is reconnections to eternal essence, a purely energetic treatment.

It helps us to connect more strongly with the universe, with the earth, with our Higher Self and can thereby live our soul plan more and more. Through the contact with ourselves we come into balance, strengthen our energy field and thus also support the self-healing processes of the body. Our energy starts to flow better, thus we are able to look at our issues in a better way. It is a stimulus through which it can become easier to deal with our self. Through the process of reconnecting to eternal essence, karma is resolved. The issues that do not need to be looked at in detail can go. However, there are issues that need to be consciously recognized and understood so that a change in the (behavioural) system can occur.

Reconnections to eternal essence consist of two sessions of 30-60 minutes, which take place within a period of 11 days. It is performed while lying down and can also be done remotely via the hologram. It involves tracing certain points and lines on the body. Among them are the chakra points and partly the meridians known from acupuncture. Up to 13 reconnections (with two sessions each) are possible.

Who opens up for it, can thereby increase his consciousness and also develop his sensitivity up to clairvoyance / clairsentience. It also helps to better adapt to the changes that are currently taking place cosmically.